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PE and Sports Premium


‘A high quality physical education curriculum inspires all pupils to succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physically-demanding activities. It should provide opportunities for pupils to become physically confident in a way which supports their health and fitness. Opportunities to compete in sports and other activities build character and help to embed values such as fairness and respect’.  

–          National Curriculum Physical Education (2014)

At Sherington, Physical Education (PE) provides opportunities for pupils to be creative, cooperative, face up to different challenges as individuals and part of a team. We aim to promote healthy and active lifestyles by stimulating and maintaining an interest and enjoyment in PE.

In the Early Years and Foundation Stages (EYFS), the children are provided with stimulating indoor and outdoor play to develop their fine and gross motor skills as part of their physical development.

Children in Key Stages 1 and 2 have two PE lessons a week, an indoor and an outdoor session. They benefit from well-planned lessons using an extensive range of equipment and apparatus –in the hall, ball court and outdoor area. During their time at Sherington, the children will all have access to lessons delivered by specialist teachers which include swimming, tennis, gymnastics and basketball.

We hold a yearly Sports Day for EYFS, Key Stages 1 and 2 to celebrate children’s skills developed throughout the year.

At Sherington we promote an active and healthy lifestyle by weekly Get Up and Get Active (GUGAFIT) sessions. We encourage all staff and children, at the end of lunch time, to take part in an enjoyable and motivating fitness session.

Afterschool sports clubs enrich the curriculum and provide pupils with opportunities to work with children from other age groups.

In Key Stage 1


  • master basic movements including running, jumping, throwing and catching, as well as developing balance, agility and co-ordination, and begin to apply these in a range of activities
  • participate in team games, developing simple tactics for attacking and defending
  • perform dances using simple movement patterns


In Key Stage 2


  • use running, jumping, throwing and catching in isolation and in combination
  • play competitive games, modified where appropriate [for example, badminton, basketball, cricket, football, hockey, netball, rounders and tennis], and apply basic principles suitable for attacking and defending
  • develop flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance [for example, through athletics and gymnastics]
  • perform dances using a range of movement patterns
  • take part in outdoor and adventurous activity challenges both individually and within a team
  • compare their performances with previous ones and demonstrate improvement to achieve their personal best


Allocated budget for Academic year 2017-2018 £19,570
Area of Spend Cost Intended outcome Evidence of impact

Dance coach

Develop dance skills for all children from year 1 to year 6 for Arts Week performance



Dance coach weekly indoor PE sessions with year 4 children.







Raising the profile of dance as an important subject with high expectations around performance.
Develop short dance with workshops filmed for future use for all classes.
Provision of notes of how to improve practice and adapt for future use.
Provision of music mapping for each dance.
To improve dance CPD of sports apprentice who observes all sessions.
GUGAfit  coach £500 To have two GUGAfit days, dedicated to fitness through aerobic style dance routines.
Every class to take part in a workshop over the two days, learning different fitness routines and games to music.
Coach to also train year 5 leaders to run 2x weekly whole school GUGAfit sessions at lunch times and to lead lunchtimes games with KS1 children.



Qualified sports coach to provide opportunities for all children to be physically active after school and at lunch times, particularly those from ‘low income’ families.  To assist teachers during PE lessons.

Remaining money towards an apprentice sports coach to assist on the above.









Towards the apprentice.

To develop pupils’ positive experiences and attitude towards physical activity.
To give children from ‘low income’ families the opportunity to be trained by an experienced coach at lunch times and also after school.
Children from ‘low income’ families to be given priority for the after school clubs run by the coach.
To develop teacher confidence in PE teaching.
Tennis Coach

Qualified Sports coach to work alongside teachers to develop skill of teaching Tennis.


£1110 To build up teacher confidence in the teaching of tennis and general ball skills providing them with relevant subject knowledge and skills.

To provide children (particularly younger children) the opportunity to be trained by an experienced coach, developing children’s positive attitude towards sports.


‘The PE Hub’- scheme of work. £420 To provide teachers with an easy to follow, easily accessible, online scheme of work that runs across all year groups. To give teachers the resources to teach effective PE lessons that are in line with the National Curriculum expectations as well as being differentiated.



Total Estimated:





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