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Year 5

Year 5 marks the transition from Lower to Upper Key Stage 2. It is a time when children are taking greater responsibility for their learning and becoming more independent. They will be involved in self-assessment and will be able to say what the next steps in their learning are in order to progress.

It is an expectation that children will have a more prominent role in the school, often acting as role models for younger children. For example: our Year 5 children are play leaders, lunch time monitors and Gugafit leaders. Also this year, children will receive specialist coaching in PE.

Finally Year 5 marks the start of the journey into finding a secondary school. Parents and pupils will be informed about the arrangements for this, as the year progresses, and supported in the application process as and when needed.

Sherington Year 5 Newsletter Autumn 2021-22

Year 5 Homework Resource Booklet