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World Book Day 2022

At Sherington, WBD is so much more than a day of dressing up. A quality, core text is chosen for all pupils to study across the week and this year A Midsummer Night’s Dream provided the springboard for the week’s learning. Georghia Ellinas’ version is beautifully written while accessible for children of all ages. Jane Ray’s illustrations provided families and staff with plenty of ideas for costumes. Using the idea of Puck’s love potion, the writing outcome for learners was a potion for one of the character strengths. In order to excite and enthuse, children took part in immersive experiences, learning about plants, herbs and spices – identifying which would be the best ingredients for a potion for bravery, kindness or hope – to name but three. Year 1 visited the Pleasaunce and gathered natural ingredients to be included, other classes spent time in the Linnaeus Garden. The recipes for the potions will be published in class recipe books.

On WBD itself (Thursday 3rd March) children and staff dressed as characters/images from the story. Once again, the results were highly imaginative; using one text from which to take inspiration results in exceptionally creative costumes and a point of reference for all on the day. During the morning, children had the opportunity to visit other classrooms and work with different teachers on a carousel of activities. These 20 minute sessions included: composing a Midsummer Night’s Dream soundscape, using Shakespearean language, creating spells and making bookmarks.  It was a magical experience for all involved.