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A Christmas message from our Poet Laureate 2019-20


A Christmas message from our Poet Laureate 


Our Poet Laureate has written a poem to remind us of the kindness and love that we should show each other. He read them beautifully at the beginning of each performance to inspire children, staff, friends and family members to give love over the holiday season.


Give Love



Not a day before, not a day after

Family emerging, putting differences aside

Everyone gathering in the warmth: loving and caring, sharing and giving


Spare a thought for those without family

Those without a home

Those falling through the deep, deadly gap – forgotten by society

But not all hope is lost


Some remember the true meaning of Christmas

The festive heart is pumping, giving those in need a hand

A heart is open; a hand is lent

Memories are created


As the time to prepare is upon us

Take time to stop

Give something that does not cost money

Reassure. Restore. Rejoice

Give Love


By Our Sherington Poet Laureate