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Admission to Sherington Primary school is made directly via Royal Greenwich Admissions. Please visit their website or call 020 8921 8043 for further information. Sherington has an intake of 60 children per year group. 


To join reception you also need to apply via Greenwich Council. Please visit  Children who have attended Sherington Nursery do not automatically have a place in reception and will also need to apply through the council. Children joining will have opportunities to come in to school and meet the other children before they start. Children are not expected to attend for the full day immediately; the length of time they spend in school increases during the first week or so while they adjust.


Parents can apply for a place when a child becomes two but children must be three before starting. Children usually have three terms or more in nursery, part-time (mornings 8:45am -11:45am) before moving on to primary school. Attending the nursery does not give any guarantee that your child will be offered a place in the reception class.
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