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Sports Day: The Lockdown Olympics

Sports bring us together from the most individual levels; watching events at home with family or playing games on the playground with friends; all the way up to international competitions and events such as the Olympics which cultivate unity on a global scale. While we can’t physically be together right now, we need to come together in other ways to strengthen the connections within Sherington’s community and continue to maintain healthy, active lives in the face of unique and challenging conditions.

For reasons that need not be explained, a sports day in its ordinary form will not be possible. However, we want to share with you a sports day that we hope will be extraordinary. We would like to invite you for your participation in the first and only Lockdown Olympics. Our vision for this day is to create a physically active and inclusive day of fun competition that highlights our resilience and ability to adapt and enjoy physical activity in whatever circumstances we are faced with.

We sincerely hope that you will don your favourite sports shirts, join in on the fun and challenge your siblings, parents and carers to compete for household triumph. Who will contend for Lockdown Olympic gold? See you on the virtual field.


Lockdown Olympics: Teacher edition

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