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Importance of Punctuality and Attendance

Our aim is to make your child’s school life a happy and enjoyable experience. To support your child’s education you have an important role to play in ensuring this happens. We therefore kindly ask for your assistance and cooperation.

It is your responsibility to ensure your child attends school regularly and on time. Good school attendance increases your child’s potential to achieve a good education.

We have a very efficient system in school called ‘Fast Track’ which enables the Attendance Advisory Officer from Greenwich and school staff to monitor attendance throughout the school. The AAO meets regularly with Chloe Martin, the Inclusion Manager, to analyse data and deal with attendance and punctuality issues. They meet regularly with parents of children whose attendance is causing concern and talk through difficulties they may be experiencing. They are able to support parents by putting strategies in place such as outside agency support, meetings with school nurse and making recommendations for improvement.

Pupils’ attendance is praised and rewarded through:

  • Classes with the best attendance for the week are acknowledged in the school’s newsletter
  • In a weekly celebration assembly, a class is rewarded with an attendance cup for the best attendance in the previous week
  • At the end of the school year, children who have 100% attendance for all three terms also receive a special book