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PE and Sports Premium


Sherington Primary School is devoted to cultivating a physically literate population of pupils who are given every opportunity to develop confidence and competence across a broad range of physical activity contexts. The goal of Physical Education at Sherington is to equip pupils with the skills, knowledge and experiences to independently lead healthy, active lives. We recognise the importance of physical activity in maintaining and developing the physical, psychological, emotional and social health of all individuals and as such, seek to implement PE in a way that will allow every pupil to gain the skills to be active safely and sustainably.

In key stages 1 and 2, pupils participate in both indoor and outdoor weekly PE sessions, which serves to broaden the contexts and environments for which physical activity occurs. Pupils are taught to become independent learners who understand how to improve their ability through practice, feedback and reflection. In the Early Years and Foundation Stages (EYFS), the children are provided with stimulating indoor PE sessions and outdoor play to develop their fine and gross motor skills as part of their physical development.

In indoor PE, pupils develop their balance, strength and flexibility through individual movement skills and sequences relating to dance, gymnastics and athletics. In outdoor PE, lessons are led by a PE specialist coach for all year groups. Pupils will develop strategic awareness, object manipulation, teamwork and other basic movement skills through competitive sports including striking and fielding, territory and target games.

Arts Week

As part of our annual Arts Week, a specialist dance coach researches, choreographs and teaches each class a dance routine based on our overarching theme for that year. The contemporary dances are based on an image of an artist’s work: a painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, set design or piece. All children, from reception to year 6, perform their final dance piece to parents to showcase the progression of dance skills taught across the primary setting.

After School Clubs

Sherington primary school offers a rich variety of extracurricular opportunities to enrich participation and learning in physical activity through after school clubs including football, cricket, gymnastics, cheerleading, ball skills and other sports.

Sports Day

Sherington holds a yearly sports day for EYFS, Key Stage 1 and 2. It celebrates skills developed throughout the year and showcases our Positive Education curriculum with children demonstrating character strengths such as teamwork, leadership, persistence, fairness and bravery.


We participate in an intensive swimming program in year five, which provides children with the necessary skills for water confidence, water safety and specific stroke technique.

Year 6 Swimming results 2022-23

Number of children: 52

National Curriculum requirements for swimming and water safety:

  • Swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres – 79%
  • Use a range of strokes effectively – 81%
  • Perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations – 81%



Sports Premium 

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