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Prospective Parent Virtual Tour


Choosing a preferred school for your child can seem a daunting prospect; it’s a place where they will spend a large part of their time over the next 7 years. To help you in your decision making, we asked our year 6 pupils why they would recommend Sherington to prospective parents. This is what they said…


Positive Education

‘I am thankful for this school. We are well cared for. It has the most kind teachers and kids ever.’

‘Sherington is my 2nd home; I feel safe here…The students are very kind and will make you feel at home. The Sherington teachers will teach you loads (and maybe more than they know!)’

‘We learn about character strengths which teach us to be a better person.’

‘Sherington has a very diverse, friendly community which is easy to work in and thrive in. Everyone’s got your back, not just teachers, but pupils too.’



‘We have a computing suite with the latest software – incredible ICT equipment (including a 3D printer).’

 ‘We do fun science activities (for example, in year 4 we made our own torches).’

‘If you come, your child will experience top sports such as basketball, football and dodgeball.’

‘You have a dance option.’

‘Sherington has a wide variety of musical opportunities.’



Please watch the video for a short introduction of Sherington. Frequently asked questions (FAQs) are available below.






Please note that any questions about the application process should be directed to the local authority. Information can be found on the below web link.


Q: How likely am I to be offered a place?

Siblings of pupils already attending Sherington are given one of the highest priorities. Remaining places are offered according to distance from the school. Please visit the below link to see last year’s interactive map and Greenwich’s admissions policy.


Q: If I am not offered a place, is there a waiting list?

Yes. If you do not get your first or second preference, you are automatically placed on the school’s waiting list. You can request to be placed on any school’s waiting list through the in-year admissions process. This is managed by the local authority. Places sometimes become available nearer the start of the school year; there can be a lot of mobility during the summer term prior to a September start.

Please contact or call 020 8921 8043


Q: How many adults work in a class?

There is a teacher and teaching assistant assigned to each reception class. Additional adults are available at times for intervention work.


Q: Is there before and after school childcare provision?

We are unable to provide breakfast and after-school provision for children of reception age. Our breakfast and after school care is available to pupils in year 1 and beyond. There is a waiting list for this and so early applications are advised. Forms are available from the school office.


Q: What foreign language is taught?

Pupils have weekly French lessons from year 3 onwards.


Q: What reading scheme and phonics scheme do you use?

We use book bands to support the teaching of reading across the school and Letters and Sounds to plan and deliver phonics in Key Stage 1 along with other selected resources.


Q: What is your policy regarding twins/multiples?

There is no definite policy in relation to twins/multiples but we do recognise the value of separating across the classes in order to promote individuality. We are happy to discuss this with parents during the admission process.


Q: How are dietary requirements/intolerances catered for?

School meals are prepared and cooked onsite. There is an intolerance/allergen menu which we can share with parents. Many requirements and intolerances can be catered for. We are a nut free school. There is a daily vegetarian option. No pork is included on the menu.


Q: Is halal meat available as an option?



Q: Where do they go at playtime?

Reception classes have their own dedicated outdoor space

In previous years Reception children have joined Key Stage 1 on the playground during lunch play which encourages friendships across the year groups. We are currently unable to do this because of keeping bubbles separate as part of our COVID-19 risk assessment.


Should you have a question that is not answered in the FAQ or a specific concern, please contact us via where we will be happy to respond.