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Arts Week 2021

Reflection: Who Am We?

Our theme for this year is designed to enable our pupils (and staff) to reflect on who we are as individuals and the role that we play in being part of a community. The question ‘Who Am We?’ is grammatically correct in Korean and has been used as a title for a body of work by the Korean sculptor and installation artist, Do Ho Suh. The works examine ‘unique’ and ‘unison’ – our individuality and connectedness. This theme seems particularly apposite in the current climate. Do Ho Suh’s work will be the inspiration for this year’s KS2 dances. Reception and KS1 will take theirs from works of art that depict reflection and symmetry. As in previous years, Wendy Steatham will lead dance workshops for teachers and children, providing the opportunity for our school community to work alongside a professional choreographer.

All children will be given opportunities to learn about self-portraits and draw their own in pencil and oil pastels. Each child in the school will record all of their work in sketch books purchased especially for this art project.

As well as the dance performances, there are many other elements that make up Arts Week to consider: Mr O’Leary has been working with year 6 pupils across the spring and summer terms to create their films for the Oscars celebration at Picture House in Greenwich; Mr Hinchliffe will be working with teachers and pupils on the appointment of the new Poet Laureate; our highly experienced peripatetic music teachers will close the week with a performance alongside a small year 6 ensemble; and Ms Portman was able to resume singing assemblies this term (outside, and in year group bubbles) for our Arts Week concert performances.

Arts Week is an important platform – it provides a glimpse of our arts curriculum to a wider audience. The quality of the work is a testament to the expertise of lead teachers at the school; it’s evidence that at Sherington, we truly believe that the arts are a vital component in our children’s education and future.


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