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Digital Day 2015-16 final

Digital Day allows digital professionals and schools to connect in order to inspire students and give them an insight into a world of digital careers. Digital day is made up of challenges where students complete one of three sponsored challenges and take part in a national competition to be in with the chance to be crowned Digital Day champions. This took place on 15th November 2015. The day consisted of 3 parts:

  1. Inspirational speech led by Dock9 a digital company, where students learnt about the digital job roles and daily task.
  2. Group work to complete for 1 of the following 3 challenges. i.e. Cancer Research challenge, Standard of Life challenge or TATA communication challenge. All students worked in teams of 4 discussing Ideas and produced final designs.
  3. Dragons den style presentations

Here are some of the students feedback about the day:

I thought it was amazing I really enjoyed it, I enjoyed hearing about dock9 company and the different job roles. 10/10 I will do it again. Wahid

It’s been really amazing being able to work with people who actually work in the Digital Industry and coming up with ideas of our own. (Kate)

It was fun working with the other class. I’ve enjoyed working creatively. (Rami)

 It’s been really fun deigning and having the chance to come up with our own digital devices and being creative. (Mikolaj)

 I’ve really enjoyed working with people I wouldn’t normally work with. (Alice)

 A fun day! I loved coming up with my own digital design. (Mikael)

 I’ve really enjoyed the day and I’m now thinking about becoming a programmer in the future. (Nana)

 It’s really fun because I’ve enjoyed working in a group and learning new things. (Eres)

 I enjoyed today because it’s something I’ve never really done before. (P.J)

 Digital Day was really fun. I enjoyed coming up with ideas and how they could help other people. (Blanaid)