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English Open Morning (Years 1 to 6)

Parents and carers came into school in order to observe the children in Years 1 – 6 writing an array of limericks. The visitors were provided with a feast of talent as the children excelled, demonstrating how to captivate an audience by using rhythm and rhyme to their fullest extent. As ever, the children enjoyed seeing the adults involved with the teaching and learning. Thank you to all who were able to attend; your support is very much appreciated. 

Here is some of the parental feedback from the day:


 ‘I love how kind and warm the atmosphere is in Sherington. All the children are focussed, excited and inspired. It’s a privilege to see them being taught in their environment.’

‘Great class participation. Fantastic learning (for me too!). Terrific engagement of class. Warm welcome for parents. Real sense of purpose and achievement.’


‘Enjoyed seeing the children work collaboratively and having fun with words.’ 

‘Wonderful morning, very engaging and interesting.’


‘Great engagement in the class, Max was telling me all about limericks last night J’ 

‘Very pleased to see the children enjoying the lesson, it was fun, creative and taught the use of syllables.’


‘Thank you very much for this opportunity for parents to see how children are taught. It really gave a better understanding of it. All children did brilliantly.’

‘Very pleased how the children were engaged in class and how eager they were.’


‘Fantastic session. Really liked the idea of open morning. For a new parent like me it was a great experience. Thank you to the Staff and Teachers for their support.’

‘Excellent. Great structure and guidance for the children. Very impressed with what they did.’

‘So lovely to see a good teacher in action and a class of responsive and keen children.’


‘What an enjoyable morning! We are definitely going to make up limericks at home!’

‘Thank you so much to give us this opportunity to join in with our little ones and sharing really useful knowledge about poetry making in easy and fun way.’

‘Fun and good ideas on what to do at home. Really enjoyed it.’