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Sherington School Band

Our school band is made up of a range of different instrumentalists from years 5 and 6 who play a range of well known songs from different genres.



Our fabulous school band was asked to perform at the Greenwich Town Hall in Woolwich as a part of Greenwich Council’s Fair Trade event. We performed three pieces to a large audience made up of other school children, teachers, council dignitaries and the Mayor of Greenwich, Councillor Norman Adams. The band were able to sample the different fair trade goods that were being promoted, including a range of different exotic fruit and chocolate! There was also a smoothie bike, where you had to pedal the bike really fast to blend the fruit for your smoothie! The event was promoting fair trade goods, where the farmers that grow and harvest the products recieve a decent living wage for their hard work. At Sherington we agree that this is a good thing, so we encourage you to ‘Sit down for breakfast, [and] stand up for farmers’ by buying fair trade goods where you can.

Here are some photographs from the day taken by photographer Brian Aldrich:

AldFair 001  AldFair 028  AldFair 032  AldFair 057  AldFair 058

AldFair 059  AldFair 060  AldFair 061  AldFair 062  AldFair 063

AldFair 064  AldFair 065  AldFair 066  AldFair 067  AldFair 068

AldFair 069  AldFair 070  AldFair 071  AldFair 072  AldFair 073

AldFair 074


We recently performed at the Blackheath Concert Halls as a part of the Royal Greenwich Music Hub Instrumental Gala. There were two nights of music performed by students from across the borough, ranging from solo violin players to full fusion orchestra. Our band performed two songs: ‘Shosholoza’, a traditional South African song, and ‘Papa’s got a brand new Pig Bag’ by Pigbag. They performed excellently well and made the whole school proud!

Here are some photographs from the daytime rehearsal and evening performance.

IMG_0294  IMG_0297  IMG_9835  IMG_9841  IMG_9844

IMG_9846  IMG_9849  IMG_9850  IMG_9852  IMG_9854

IMG_9855  IMG_9857  IMG_9858  IMG_9863  IMG_9866

IMG_9871  IMG_9872  IMG_9876  IMG_9877  IMG_9887

IMG_9889  IMG_9890  IMG_9893