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Sherington Community Choir

Sherington Community Choir is just that: a choir for parents, grandparents, carers, staff… basically if you’re over 18 and have links to Sherington School, you are welcome to come and join us. You don’t need to be able to read music, you just need to be willing to sing your heart out and have a lot of fun doing it!

We had our first public performace on 2nd July at the Sherington School Summer Fair and it was fabulous!

Choir sessions have now started, but please feel free to come along and have a go. Sessions will be in the school hall (enter from the Sherington Road entrance) from 7:30 until 8:30 every Thursday during term time.

If you have any questions or are interested in joining the choir, you can email me:

We look forward to singing with you!

Mrs McDonald


Scores and vocal tracks

Wake Me Up! – Full Score

Wake me up – All vocals

Wake me up – High (vocal track)

Wake me up – Middle (vocal track)

Wake me up – Low (vocal track)

Hallelujah – Full Score

Hallelujah – All vocals

Hallelujah – High (vocal track)

Hallelujah – Middle (vocal track)

Hallelujah – Low (vocal track)

Billie Jean – Full Score

Coventry Carol – Full Score

Coventry Carol – Low (vocal track)

Coventry Carol – Middle (vocal track)

Coventry Carol – High (vocal track)

Coventry Carol – All vocals

Deck the halls – Full Score

Deck the halls – Low (vocal track)

Deck the halls – Middle (vocal track)

Deck the halls – High (vocal track)

Deck the halls – All vocals

Tar barrel in dale – Full Score

Tar barrel in dale – All vocals

Wade in the water – Full Score

Wade in the water – Low (vocal track)

Wade in the water – Middle (vocal track)

Wade in the water – High (vocal track)

We Built This City – Full Score

We Built This City [vocal tracks]

Higher and Higher – Full Score

Higher and higher all vocals

Higher and higher – High (vocal track)

Higher and higher – Middle (vocal track)

Higher and higher – Low (vocal track)

Something Inside – Full Score

Something Inside – High (vocal track)

Something Inside – Middle (vocal track)

Something Inside – Low (vocal track)

Something Inside all vocals